Here Kitty, Kitty…

My family has several cats.  A lot of cats, really.  Most of the time, I don’t pay them much attention (except for my cat, who you’ll see in the last photo in this post).

The other day, I was just itching to get my camera out and take some pictures…  However, I had twisted my knee and it was hurting pretty bad, so I wasn’t very mobile at the time.  (I squat down, get on my knees, etc. to take most of my photos.)  Anyway, I finally decided to get my camera and go outside to sit on the ramp in front of our shed.  My family’s cats just about swarmed me, begging for attention!  I snapped a few close-ups of the three most cooperative cats we have: my brothers’ cats, Gimli & Tabby (who I call “Flabby”) and my cat Stormy.



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