Dreaming of Summer

I almost titled this post “The First Snow of Winter”, but it isn’t technically winter yet. So call it what you will… In my head, I’m still calling it the first snow. 😉


Taken Friday morning (12-6-13)


Yeah… that’s my family’s dog. No matter where I turned, he would run in front of me so I finally just took the picture with him standing there.

You may be thinking “That’s not much snow…”  Actually, this is pretty normal for us.  What isn’t normal about this snow is that it has stayed around for 4 days so far.  Obviously, that would be due to the below freezing temperatures (which I absolutely hate!) that we’ve had since last Thursday.  I’m hoping this snow (and the freezing temps) won’t stick around much longer.  My dreams of summer aren’t keeping me very warm…


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