Take A Closer Look

When you see a field of purple flowers, that’s likely all you see — a field of purple flowers.  For all you know, and as many people assume, there’s only one type of flower in that field.  And it’s a purple one.  But there’s usually so much more to it than that!  There’s so much that you aren’t seeing!  And if you stop for a moment and take a closer look, here’s what you might see. . .

Purple Flowers Collage

These and many other flowers make up the field of purple on our property.  Most of these flowers are quite small, so it’s very likely you won’t notice them from a distance.  And there are also some white and yellow flowers mixed in there close to the ground where you can’t see them unless you look closely.

So this is me encouraging you to take a closer look sometime.  You might be surprised by what you can see! 🙂


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