My Photography Companion

My family has a lot of cats.  I don’t know how many… I’ve lost count and I’m not even going to try to accurately guess how many there are out there now.  But last year, Bro-#5’s cat had kittens — all girls 😯 — we call them his grandkids. 😉

Anyway, a couple of these kittens (now full grown) like to follow me around while I’m taking pictures.  Ewok is the sweetest one and we’ve sort of adopted each other.  She’s the one who usually tags along with me.  The other day, however, I noticed that I had acquired a new friend.  Escape Artist was following me around like a shadow.  Every time I would sit or squat down to take a picture, she would come sit as close to me as she could get.  So I took advantage of her being still and snapped a couple pictures of her. 🙂


Escape Artist


Escape Artist

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… the boys named these cats. 😛
I believe the name Ewok developed somehow from the youngest little man (5 yrs. old at the time) mis-saying “Goldilocks” (one of the other kittens, so named because of the gold patch on top of her head).
And Escape Artist earned her name.  We kept the kittens in a big outdoor cage for a while because we have a large dog and he’s gotten too rough with kittens before.  However, Escape Artist soon decided that she didn’t like being cooped up!  So she found ways to escape the cage.  We would be doing something in the house or yard and, suddenly, one of the boys would call out, “She got out again!”  They searched and searched, but never did figure out how she was getting out of there!  Hehehe! 😉



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