Meet Crash

Hey, y’all, I’d like to introduce you to another of my photography companions who likes to follow me around when I’m out taking pictures.  She was a bit clumsy as a kitten…  Really, to be honest, she was very clumsy and crashed into things all the time!  It was actually quite funny at times and earned her the name she is now stuck with for life: Crash.
By default, her brother was thereafter known as Eddie.  (If you aren’t familiar with  Ice Age, you might not understand that reference.)

Crash is a bit camera shy, so it’s hard to get a picture of her.  She really does like me!  But whenever I bring out my camera, she hides her face or turns away… or runs away.


No, no! Don’t take my picture!


Oh, look! What’s that over there?


Haha! I caught her before she realized I had my camera up! 😛






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