Ice Storm (re-post)

When I originally posted this photo back in 2012, I never dreamed that it and the following post (photos of snow) would be a couple of the most-viewed posts on this blog.  Little did I know that “snow in Oklahoma” and “does it snow in Oklahoma?” would be the search terms that seem to bring visitors to my blog year-round more than anything else!

I mean… really?  Who would have thought?

But– if that’s what folks are wondering about, let me assure you: yes, we do get snow and ice in Oklahoma.  How much?  Too much, in my opinion. 😛

I’ll share the snow photos tomorrow. 😉


See the original post here.



    1. Haha! Thanks. 😉
      Well, the snow pics are still on my blog… but I’ll be re-posting them in the morning. 😉
      We had some ice this past weekend– wish I’d gotten some photos.


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