When In Branson – The Butterfly Palace (Part 3)

This very friendly butterfly was my favorite part of the whole experience!  He just decided that he liked me and wanted to go home with me.  haha! XD  Every time I would shoo him off of me so we could leave, he would fly in a circle and land on me again!  So much fun… 😉


My mom took those top two pictures with my iPod while I was snapping pictures with my camera.  Then when he climbed onto the camera and I took the iPod from her and, though I’m sure I looked rather silly 😛 , I stood there with a camera in one hand and an iPod in the other… 😉


He seemed to really like blue– my blue shirt, my blue camera, the blue stripes on my skirt…..  It was actually rather funny because the workers were surprised by that, saying that they usually preferred red, yellow, etc.




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