Black & White Photos

Monochromatic Cats

Crash is such a silly nut!  This is her way of posing for photos. 😛

She looked for the world like she was watching the sunset!

I turned my phone on selfie and Sooner was quite curious about the “other” cat on the screen. 😀

Taking a nap on the deck while I soak up some sun. 🙂

Friday, April 6

More fun times with bipolar weather!  It was 85 degrees when I went out to take photos that day… but within a few hours, it hit the mid-30’s and was still dropping.  When I got up the next morning, it was in the 20’s with a real feel of 10. 😦

Folks from up north said, “This is April in Oklahoma! What is going on?!”
And we replied, “This is Oklahoma. That’s what’s going on.” 😛

Black And White Sunset

The sky is still beautiful even without all the colors of the sunset.

I hadn’t been feeling well that day… I didn’t feel up to going outside to watch the sky, but I happened to get online right around sunset and started seeing photos of this gorgeous sky so I went outside to see for myself.  All the beautiful colors were mostly gone by then, but the clouds still looked pretty amazing so I decided to snap a couple black and white photos.