Drink Dr. Pepper

I shared this on Instagram last June…..

I’ve heard the stories how years ago, my grandpa used to make deliveries to a Dr. Pepper bottling plant in a little town called Comanche.
He told how they would give him a free Dr. Pepper to enjoy while his truck was unloaded.
That plant is no longer there… the building isn’t even there anymore.
But this mural is still on the side of a building in that little town as a testament to part of the town’s history– to a small part of my family’s history too, really.
Someone told me that they plan to re-paint the mural & I really hope they do because that would be awesome!
If I find out they’ve re-done it, I’ll have to go back to see for myself. And get a photo, of course! πŸ˜‰

Then in November…..

Back in June, I told y’all about this building in Comanche, OK… and I said that I’d heard they were going to re-paint the Dr. Pepper mural.Β  Well, someone told me the other day that they had started painting it so we went to see for ourselves.

And a couple weeks later…..

I heard that they finished this last week, but we only just now got the chance to go down there and see it. I think it looks great! πŸ˜ƒ