A Few More Cats ;)

And here are a few more of the cats my family currently has.
(Have I mentioned that my mom loves cats and, therefore, my family has always had an abundance of them..? 😛 )

If you’ve been around here for very long, you may have already met Crash in this post… She’s a little over 2 years old now and still being ornery for the camera. 😉

And this is Later.  She belongs to Bro #4, who couldn’t decide on a name & kept saying, “I’ll name her later.” So we finally ended up naming her… “Later”! 😛  Later is still pretty shy around people so it’s hard to get a photo of her, but I managed to snap this one the other day that shows her pretty coloring!

And then Later suddenly decided she liked me– a lot! 😀  The color is a bit wonky in this photo & makes her look really gray, but she’s actually more brown, like in the previous photo.

Lastly, this is Later’s sister KC.  She’s a bit more friendly, but still difficult to photograph.

Meet Crash

Hey, y’all, I’d like to introduce you to another of my photography companions who likes to follow me around when I’m out taking pictures.  She was a bit clumsy as a kitten…  Really, to be honest, she was very clumsy and crashed into things all the time!  It was actually quite funny at times and earned her the name she is now stuck with for life: Crash.
By default, her brother was thereafter known as Eddie.  (If you aren’t familiar with  Ice Age, you might not understand that reference.)

Crash is a bit camera shy, so it’s hard to get a picture of her.  She really does like me!  But whenever I bring out my camera, she hides her face or turns away… or runs away.


No, no! Don’t take my picture!


Oh, look! What’s that over there?


Haha! I caught her before she realized I had my camera up! 😛




My Cat (an oldie)

(Taken: December of 2008)
This is my cat.  Or… more accurately: he was my cat.
He was my baby; in my opinion, the sweetest cat that ever lived.

12-2-08  stormy4

And, since he was sporting what my brothers call his “Captain America look” in this picture… I just had to add a little something to it. 😉

12-2-08  stormy5

It earned this name because, whenever any of our other (younger) tom cats would try to pick a fight with him, he would just stop, give them this look, then kinda brush past & they would leave him alone.  So my brothers said it was like he was saying, “Son– just don’t.” 😛

My Photography Companion

My family has a lot of cats.  I don’t know how many… I’ve lost count and I’m not even going to try to accurately guess how many there are out there now.  But last year, Bro-#5’s cat had kittens — all girls 😯 — we call them his grandkids. 😉

Anyway, a couple of these kittens (now full grown) like to follow me around while I’m taking pictures.  Ewok is the sweetest one and we’ve sort of adopted each other.  She’s the one who usually tags along with me.  The other day, however, I noticed that I had acquired a new friend.  Escape Artist was following me around like a shadow.  Every time I would sit or squat down to take a picture, she would come sit as close to me as she could get.  So I took advantage of her being still and snapped a couple pictures of her. 🙂


Escape Artist


Escape Artist

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… the boys named these cats. 😛
I believe the name Ewok developed somehow from the youngest little man (5 yrs. old at the time) mis-saying “Goldilocks” (one of the other kittens, so named because of the gold patch on top of her head).
And Escape Artist earned her name.  We kept the kittens in a big outdoor cage for a while because we have a large dog and he’s gotten too rough with kittens before.  However, Escape Artist soon decided that she didn’t like being cooped up!  So she found ways to escape the cage.  We would be doing something in the house or yard and, suddenly, one of the boys would call out, “She got out again!”  They searched and searched, but never did figure out how she was getting out of there!  Hehehe! 😉