George & Tonto

George and Tonto have three sisters.  Those sisters had their life-changing vet visit first… and they did their time in the cage.
The boys didn’t like the separation so we finally let them back in the cage with their sisters.  The boys had their life-changing vet visit a few weeks later.  When they came home, their sisters were enjoying their freedom too much to want to go back into the “cage of isolation”.  They stayed nearby most of the time, but that only meant that their brothers had to sit on the other side of the wires watching them play… poor guys. 😦

George was not at all happy about this situation and he let his aggravation be known!

Tonto just moped and looked pitiful.


A Few More Cats ;)

And here are a few more of the cats my family currently has.
(Have I mentioned that my mom loves cats and, therefore, my family has always had an abundance of them..? 😛 )

If you’ve been around here for very long, you may have already met Crash in this post… She’s a little over 2 years old now and still being ornery for the camera. 😉

And this is Later.  She belongs to Bro #4, who couldn’t decide on a name & kept saying, “I’ll name her later.” So we finally ended up naming her… “Later”! 😛  Later is still pretty shy around people so it’s hard to get a photo of her, but I managed to snap this one the other day that shows her pretty coloring!

And then Later suddenly decided she liked me– a lot! 😀  The color is a bit wonky in this photo & makes her look really gray, but she’s actually more brown, like in the previous photo.

Lastly, this is Later’s sister KC.  She’s a bit more friendly, but still difficult to photograph.

Here Kitty, Kitty…

My family has several cats.  A lot of cats, really.  Most of the time, I don’t pay them much attention (except for my cat, who you’ll see in the last photo in this post).

The other day, I was just itching to get my camera out and take some pictures…  However, I had twisted my knee and it was hurting pretty bad, so I wasn’t very mobile at the time.  (I squat down, get on my knees, etc. to take most of my photos.)  Anyway, I finally decided to get my camera and go outside to sit on the ramp in front of our shed.  My family’s cats just about swarmed me, begging for attention!  I snapped a few close-ups of the three most cooperative cats we have: my brothers’ cats, Gimli & Tabby (who I call “Flabby”) and my cat Stormy.