Piano Keys

Today is my sister’s birthday… so I’m sharing these piano pictures.  Because she’s the one who took the time to teach me how to play the piano (and put up with a lot of nonsense from me along the way, I’m sure 😉 ).

I have a lot of memories of spending time together with her at the piano.  Her teaching me how to play, yes… but also learning and playing duets together.
Ah… good times.

Happy birthday, sister dear!  You really are the best! 🙂



When In Branson – The Titanic Museum (pt. 3)

And now for the story that I promised my friends I would share…… 😛

Front view of the card I was given at the end of my ordeal. ((The photo of the piano itself is not mine… I simply took a picture of the card.))

There’s this one room with plaques & info about the band who played until the ship sank.  And there’s a baby grand piano in there too.  So… my darling, wonderful, favorite (only) brother-in-law asked the lady working in that room if there was any significance to the piano– a story behind it or something?  She replied that there were 5 just like it on the Titanic.  Then she told him that they invite people to play that piano and asked if he knew how to play.  He was like, “Oh, no– I don’t play, but… *points to me* She does!”
I instantly pretended to be interested in something else.  ((Funny thing– when I did that she made an observation that she could tell who the musician was because “they usually do this- *she mimicked ducking her head & looking the other way* -and the ones who don’t play are always like- *pointing to their friends* ”  I thought that was kinda horribly accurate. 😛 ))  But the lady practically begged me to play… and my mom and bro-in-law just made it… yeah. :{  So finally, with much reluctance, I gave in and sat at the piano since we were the only ones currently in the room. They tried to get me to play “My Heart Will Go On” — theyeven had a music book in the piano bench for just that purpose! — but it wasn’t the same arrangement that I’m familiar with so I didn’t even try. 😛  


Back view of the card I was given at the end of my ordeal.

I was totally freaking out, but once I sat down, I was committed– utterly determined to see it through.  So I started playing Für Elise since I’ve had that one memorized since I was about 12…  I did my best to block out my surroundings, but I could see and hear more people coming into the room as I played.  And my hands started shaking pretty bad, making me miss notes several times, though I think I covered it decently well– at least, I hope I did…. 😛  I still can’t believe I actually played… it’s like a strange nightmare-ish memory that still makes my stomach a little queasy when I think about it. 😛
By the time I finished the song, most of our whole family group (nearly a dozen) and about 6 other people were in the room or right outside it looking in.  And I was shaking so bad I wasn’t sure I could stand up without help. :/
The lady gave me the postcard that’s in the pictures– she said they give those to anyone who plays for them.
As we left the room my bro-in-law was like, “See… that wasn’t so bad, was it?  You’re not gonna hold that against me, are ya?”  I showed him how badly my hands were shaking (my whole arms, really) and told him: “Just be glad I didn’t crash and burn, ’cause if I had… I might have held that against you.”  (And I was only half-joking. 😛 )  I think I kinda scared him, though, ’cause sister said he mentioned it to her how I was shaking so bad and he seemed worried about me, but she said she told him: “Well, yeah!!  She just gave a performance!  Of course she’s shaking!!”  haha!  Serves him right. 😛  And in our whole group, only my sister could possibly have known how utterly freaked out I was by that whole ordeal. 😯
And, as I told my mom– we weren’t allowed to take pics or videos in the museum so there’s not even any evidence to show it happened!
Seriously, it took a couple hours for my nerves to settle down after that.  And just thinking about it has them jumping around a bit again.  It’s definitely a memory I won’t easily forget, though.  haha! 😛


This is what it said on the back of the card.

A couple more things before I go:

I think the most interesting thing I learned about at the Titanic Museum was the story of the Baptist Pastor, John Harper.  You can read his story HERE – and maybe you’ll understand why his story nearly brought me to tears in the middle of the museum.

And for your viewing pleasure: a little peak inside the museum… 🙂