Colorful Rose Moss

I was talking to my friend, Chaya, here on my blog a while back about Rose Moss… telling her about how colorful and pretty these flowers are.  Back in April of 2014, I shared a picture of a yellow rose moss bloom, but I told Chaya that I would try to get another picture of the flowers showing the other colors.  And at my granny’s house the other day, I noticed that her rose moss was blooming so I snapped a couple pictures. 🙂



My Favorite Roses

I guess these are orange roses?  I mean.. they’re actually pink, orange, and yellow.  But would they be classified as orange?


Whatever color you wanna say they are, these are my favorite roses.  Well, these and the more completely orange ones.

I don’t really like red roses very much.  Or yellow ones either…  Pink is okay, though pink and white is better (surprising since I don’t generally care for pink anything).  But orange?  I love orange roses!  And the multi-color ones?  Even better! 😀

According to this siteBlending the friendly association of the yellow rose with the romantic implication of the red rose resulted in a much subtler, more intriguing meaning of love emerging from friendship. While the fiery tone indicates passion and intensity, the orange rose is now appropriate for sending any message of enthusiasm—whether it’s one of love, thanks, friendship or congratulations.
The sweet yet intense hue gives this bloom a one-of-a-kind charm. A bouquet of these warm-colored beauties is the perfect gift to show anyone special how ardently you care.